Getting Your Nissan Fit for Winter

Another winter is falling upon us here in Swanzey, NH, and it’s time to get our vehicles ready for the cold, snowy weather and all of the challenges it brings. Here at Nissan of Keene, we know what to expect and want to make sure that your Nissan is ready to take on all of it. So, here are three steps we recommend to making sure your Nissan is ready for another New Hampshire Winter.

  • Fit Your Nissan for Winter Tires: Your tires are always your first and last line of defense on the road. It’s important to have good tread on those icy roads. So, get your Nissan sized for the right set of tires for the season.
  • Get an Oil Change: While you should routinely give your Nissan an oil change, the colder weather calls for a thinner grade of oil from warmer weather. So, keep your engine running at its optimal level by giving it the right amount of the right grade of oil.
  • Give Your Nissan a Routine Inspection: There is a lot of other aspects of your Nissan that the winter cold can affect, so schedule your Nissan for some inspections to make sure that everything is functioning properly, just in case.

Now, you can probably go to any mechanic to have these procedures done, but your Nissan deserves to be serviced by people who are trained to know it like the back of their hands and fix it the right way the first time. So schedule your appointment with our service center today. If you have any questions regarding our service center, please reach out to us directly by email or over the phone for more information.

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