Our Easy Price is:

Negotiation free. Best price upfront. No games, Easy, Transparent. 

Shopped daily to ensure competitiveness. We provide the tools for you to verify our easy price is the best competitive price!

Advertised online to the world. Cars.com, Autotrader, Car Gurus, etc.

The same price for every buyer. 

The Easy Price accounts for a small profit that is reinvested in your service and ownership experience. 

We have consistently ranked in the top 10 for owner loyalty which is a testament to our commitment after the sale.

Our Easy Price isn't:

The lowest price. A dealer selling at or below cost not making a profit does not invest in your service and ownership experience after the sale.

A challenge for you to go out and prove you can get a better deal. We already acknowledge that there are dealers that will shave the last bit of profit to sell you a car. How much time and energy and aggravation goes into trying to shave the last bit of profit out of the price?

The benefits of buying from us:

The Easy Easy hassle free pricing up front, Preferred Service hours, Free lifetime state inspection, Free shuttle service, Hand washes with every service, Discounted services, free rentals with major services and a real commitment by real people who truly care about you after the sale.

Think about how much your time is worth?

Think about the aggravation calling and emailing and driving to dealers that mislead you to get you in the door.

Imagine a car buying experience that is EASY, hassle free, and fully transparent.  

Imagine not negotiating to get the best price on your next car. 

Imagine not having to shop to be sure you got a great deal saving time and aggravation.

The Easy price gives you the best price up front ensuring a customer focused experience!